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Aero Leather A-2 Bronco

The legendary A-2 flight jacket

The A-2 is one of the most popular aviation jackets in the world. From horse leather, classic, high quality & timeless.
Product information "Aero Leather A-2 Bronco"
  • Very trim and surprisingly long A2 which suits a tall and slim wearer best - a very easy to wear jacket.
  • Quite long, fairly large and pointed collar with dropping collar tips.
  • Pocket flaps cut almost angular without the typical curves.
  • Angled pocket corners, just like on the Navy G1 jacket.
  • Epaulettes with house-style top stitching.
  • Standard leather is smooth seal horsehide, other choices of leather on request.
Starting with the color and gauge of thread, stitch count and zipper size on to the weave and weight of the lining. Nevertheless almost every A2 contract mirrors a certain “house style” of the manufacturer and each A2 has some distinguishing features.
Today high quality manufacturers such as Aeroleather Clothing or Eastman Leather went on the reproduce not only a generic A2 but some very striking original contract A2s. For people who are not “in the know” their individual characteristics might not be easy to identify. Therefore some of the most important details of our jackets are listed above.
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