The B-6 can be considered as one of the last generation of shearling flight jackets. In direct comparison to the B-3 the B-6 is much lighter in weight being constructed from thinner sheepskin fleece to provide more freedom of movement and more comfort.

Product information "AERO LEATHER B-6 REDSKIN"

The jacket was developed because fighter pilots also desperately needed a warmer jacket for winter times. The trusted B-3 was far too bulky and heavy to be worn in those cramped fighter cockpits. The B-6 is basically a downsized B-3 jacket made from lighter materials and with added pockets that make the jacket more versatile. Also apart from the horsehide taped seams there are no reinforcement panels. This leads to the fact that the jacket is much more flexible and comfortable…also the jacket can be worn for a longer period of time throughout the year, whereas the B-3 has to be considered a true winter jacket.

RUSSET: This is the dauber dyed “Redskin” version of the jacket which features the rare early “mismatched” color which turned from a dark seal brown to russet due the chemically unstable pigments. A “Redskin” jacket, no matter if it is a shearling of horsehide jacket remains very desirable until today.

All important details:

  • Talon WWII replica zipper
  • ¼ inch depths merino sheepskin with „Redskin“lacquer finish
  • Two spacious front pockets
  • Adjustable widths on both sleeves and body hem
  • Collar can be turned up and fastened
  • Close cut but generous enough to provide a good amount of comfort
  • Superbly crafted jacket – an artisan’s work
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