BLUE DE GENES Miguel Chambray Shirt

A classic chambray shirt
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BLUE DE GENES Miguel Chambray Shirt

  • Regular fit
  • Chambray fabric
  • Normal collar
  • Tone-in-tone
  • stitch details
  • Curved hem
  • Buttons made of Corozo nut

Product information

BLUE DE GENES Miguel Chambray Shirt


The usually light blue chambray fabric is a plain weave cotton fabric made from a dyed warp yarn and a white filler yarn. The fabric, with French roots, was woven in a similar form as early as the middle of the 15th century and has established itself over the years from England to the USA.
A close connection between chambray and denim was made there, because the traditional work wear of the “blue collar” was characterized by the combination of a blue (blue collar) chambray shirt and denim pants. But the light blue chambray shirt was also part of the uniform of the US Navy. Although it is often associated with denim and there are also similarities, chambray is lighter and is also woven differently. It has a softer texture than denim and is thinner in construction.
When should i wear chambray?
Since chambray is made from pure cotton, it will keep you cool in dry heat and moisture. Chambray often comes in a higher thread count, which means it's a finer weave and a more breathable material. Chambray shirts are therefore light alternatives to denim shirts. Even today, chambray is a very common fabric for robust shirts and is stylish in combination with jeans and chinos. In general, the robust chambray shirt looks a bit more “shirt-sleeved” than finer fabrics and is therefore still widely used in workwear and outdoors.
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