BLUE DE GENES Paulo Double Blue Jeans

Paulo is our regular chino fit in denim fabric.
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BLUE DE GENES Paulo Double Blue Jeans

  • Classic regular chino fit
  • 99 % Cotton, 1 % Elastane 
  • Double blue denim wash
  • Contrast lining
  • Button fly
  • Branded buttons
  • Made in Italy

Product information

BLUE DE GENES Paulo Double Blue Jeans


The Paulo is the chino from Blue de Genes. The regular fit is one of the most universal fits in the range and is suitable for almost all statures. Due to its high popularity, the Paulo cut has recently been combined with denim fabrics. A good chino belongs in every closet, as it fits almost all occasions. From the FlipFlop, to the Red Wing, to the sneaker, to the business-suited oxford, the chino always adapts to the look.

The models are made of high-quality Comfort Stretch Denim, whose cotton is woven with only 1% elastane and thus retains a completely natural feel. In addition, the classic chino fabrics are offered in different colors, weights and finishes depending on the season. For example, the Paulo cut has proven itself for many years as a summer version in light cotton rip stop, as well as in a corduroy suitable for winter.

The Paulo models also come with a stretch, which noticeably increases the wearing comfort. Blue de Genes puts a lot of effort into every detail of the pants, be it the fabric quality, the fit and feel, the buttons or the wash of the jeans. Denim is the soul of Blue de Gênes and they don't compromise on that. The best fabrics are sourced from the best suppliers like Kuroki in Japan and Berto in Italy and to honor the history of jeans, they produce the jeans in a small family owned factory in Northern Italy. All Paulo styles feature a button fly, deep French pockets and the durable double-layered back pockets. All Blue de Genes come with the Blue de Genes flag rivet. The sum of the details give the chinos their character.

Blue de Genes

Blue de Genes is a label founded in 1983 with a clear direction and philosophy. Blue de Genes combines the flair of the Mediterranean coast, with the ruggedness of the old port city of Genoa. The resulting looks are rugged, rough and yet with style. The models with an authentic look, are solidly crafted with high-quality materials, and with great attention to detail. It is important to Blue de Genes that garments never go out of style, can be used for a long time and age beautifully when worn.

To honor the history of jeans, they produce them in a small, family-owned manufacturing facility in northern Italy. They love beautiful washed jeans there too, and there is no place in the world where they wash jeans as beautifully as they do in Italy. You can really feel the love, effort and craftsmanship put into each pair of Blue de Gênes. Suppliers are located all over the world and 95 percent of our production is in Europe in small family businesses in areas where they specialize in their category. Shirts are therefore made in Portugal, some of the pants are made in Turkey and some of our belts are made in Austria. What all suppliers have in common is the long-term relationships that are maintained with them.

One of the biggest contributors to climate change is fast fashion, and for many it has become a challenge to wear a garment more than five times. The reason: poor quality fabrics and rapidly changing trends. At Blue de Gênes, they want to do things differently. They go to work every day with the vision of creating products that never go out of style, can be used for a long time, and age beautifully when worn. Like a pair of dry blue jeans that are broken in and faded in a way that is unique to the wearer. No one likes the feel of a stiff, dry pair of jeans, but it's worth the effort when you see the end result. That's why Blue de Genes selects only the fabrics that will stand the test of time and age beautifully when worn, because they want to create garments that will collect and hold you.

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