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BEER BOX Fire Basket

This is how smart a fire basket can be! Just turn it over and the fire is extinguished safely and cleanly. With accessories, this multi-talent can become a grill or - when cold - a stool.
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BEER BOX Fire Basket

  • fire bowl and BBQ
  • tiltable hemisphere: windbreak & heat orientation
  • wire stand made of stainless steel, close to the ground
  • quick to assemble & disassemble without tools
  • can also be used with tripod (accessory) as high fire pit
  • easy to clean: removable brazier
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • ​Dimensions:
    • exterior bowl: Ø 57 cm, 25 cm height
    • outer wall about 1mm thick
    • BOWL on wire base: 35.5 cm height
  • Material:
    • hemisphere, steel, enameled
    • brazier, steel, enameled
    • wirebase, stainless steel, massive

Product information

BEER BOX Fire Basket

BEERBOX- The Multitalent

Beerbox is a fire basket in the form of a drinks crate. But also a BBQ, wood box and stool. The perfect companion for spontaneous trips and outdoor events. With a bottle opener too! An incredibly versatile and mobile fire basket! Simply put your bottles or firewood in the crate, take it with you and let the outdoor fun begin! Take your drinks and fire wherever you want - as long as it’s outside! To a lake, to friends or on a camping trip. BEER BOX has everything you need for a great outdoor atmosphere. The cardboard insert for bottles can also be used as a firelighter. Hungry? Put the optional cooking grate on the box and your steaks, sausages and veg will be ready in no time. When it’s not fired up, BEER BOX impresses with a wooden board (accessories) that transforms it into a stool or side table. And if you want, use a second BEER BOX to store wood by the fire. Your multifunctional fire basket can be stacked, making it quick and easy to store, transport or increase in height. Need a bottle opener? BEER BOX has one!

A thirst-quenching fire basket

BEER BOX has it all. Whether it’s bottles, wood or BBQ food - put everything you need in the box and off you go! Fire already burning? Put the cooking grate on top and get the BBQ started! The case has an integrated crown cap bottle opener, so you can leave yours at home. What else can BEER BOX do? Find out!

What this multi-talent can do

You can turn the mobile fire basket into pretty much everything you need for a spontaneous outdoor event. Drinks crate, BBQ, stool, wood box, transport crate, storage box ... A design that knows no bounds. Stylish, stackable, portable. The perfect asset for outdoor parties - and a great present for friends, especially when filled with their favourite beer!

Versatile outdoor furniture

BEER BOX is as diverse as the places you can use it! Use the fire basket as a drinks box, BBQ or stool. And after the party? BEER BOX makes a great storage box and can even be stacked!

Beer Box Durable material

BEER BOX is well built from top to bottom. The sturdy fire basket is made from a 2 mm thick sheet of corten steel. The solid material - used in building construction - develops a vivid, stable layer of rust which regularly regenerates itself. It forms a unique patina that protects the material against progressive corrosion. BEER BOX is long-lasting and 100% recyclable.

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