Merz b. Schwanen G.O. Roundneck T-Shirt 215 - night blue

This buttoned shirt is made with authentic traditional production methods and will prove to be a reliable companion even today. And if the heat of the moment is too much – just loosen the upper button. The shaped cut and casual fit is right for every outfit. Pure organic-cotton feels comfortable on your skin. The 2-thread fabric is durable and sturdy.

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Merz b. Schwanen G.O. Roundneck T-Shirt 215 - night blue

  • Mighty fine quality, 100% pure organic cotton
  • 2-thread, 220 gr. (7,8 oz.), made on loop wheeler
  • natural fabric for best feel on your skin
  • comfortable and also sturdy haptics
  • easygoing and comfortable cut
  • round neckline
  • straight hem
  • maximum comfort: due to circular knitting and therefore no side seams
  • ca. 2cm extra length, as garment will shrink in the first wash
  • authentic flat knitted cuffs on sleeves
  • maximum comfort: triangular patch under the arms
  • gentle to the skin, free of chemical additives
  • eco friendly: no industrial prewash
  • completely made in Germany

Product information

Merz b. Schwanen G.O. Roundneck T-Shirt 215 - night blue

200 series

The shirts of the 200 series are made from 100% organic cotton of the highest quality. The full grip and the robust look result from the 2-ply, 220g yarn quality that runs on the circular knitting machines. The shirts shrink in a length of 2-3 cm, which was given as an extra length beforehand. The shirts, which have no side seams, impress with their enormous dimensional stability and durability. For additional comfort, the sleeves are made with a triangular insert. The fabrics are optimally skin-friendly and the button placket designs come with designs made from real mother-of-pearl. Made in Germany.

Pima cotton qualities

For a pleasantly light skin feeling, the 1-ply and 2-ply quality comes without any chemical pretreatment and is made of 100% organic cotton.

Loopwheeler technology

Circular knitting machines, also known as loopwheelers, were developed over 100 years ago. They come from the time when Germany's textile industry stood out for its quality and innovation. Circular knitting machines deliver knitted fabrics that differ significantly from normal jersey fabrics in terms of look and feel, but also in terms of durability and dimensional stability. A striking feature is that the shirts do not have side seams, which makes them special. Producing the long-lasting fabrics is a time-consuming and slow process and that is exactly the reason why this method is a specialty these days. The last specialists are based in the Swabian Alb, which has always been known as the stronghold of textile manufacturing.
Just as old, mechanical typewriters create a unique typeface on paper through small irregularities in the punctuation, the circular knitting machines, with their over 1000 needles arranged in a circle, create an individual image in the knitted fabric through small tolerances, which is the characteristic component of this loopwheeler- Garments is. The elaborate production process means that only the best yarn qualities made from organic cotton, wool and viscose are used. The qualities do not use chemical additives, such as an industrial pre-wash. This makes each part an environmentally friendly textile made from natural materials that are gentle on the skin. In order to make the Spirit tangible when unpacking, the Good Originals come in an authentic small-series cardboard box with corner brackets and a separate note on the story.
Merz b. Schwanen Good Care Wool Merz b. Schwanen Good Care Wool
Content 0.24 Liter (€62.08 * / 1 Liter)
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