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Passion France Tiré-Droit

The limited edition TIRÉ-DROIT with handle made of horn and carbon steel blade comes from the middle of France and belongs with its 2 blades, saw and thorn to the most versatile knives. On the one hand, the knife of rural-rural tradition, the name suggests a maritime root.
Product information "Passion France Tiré-Droit"
  • RÉ-DROIT 9cm
  • Maritime pocket knife
  • Region: Middle of France, Loire, Burgundy
  • 2 blades
  • Saw and thorn
  • Handle black horn
  • carbon steel
  • Made in France
The name TIRÉ-DROIT betrays its maritime side, its use by the riverboats, who sailed barges and sailboats through the dense network of rivers and canals in France. In this way it came far beyond the borders of his homeland, to the shores, and perhaps it sailed with the sailors across the seas, where it fertilized the knife tradition of other countries. Unfortunately, it has fallen into oblivion in recent decades, and so many of the ingredients for this wonderful little knife no longer exist. Since the owner of the workshop where we make it has also changed, it is probable that we are currently making the last copies of this type of knife and that it may soon be completely gone.
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