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Passion France Seurre - juniper

Characterful knife with ebony handle and stainless blade. Typical features, such as the deeply sloping tip, robust blade and lanyard point to the maritime background.
Product information "Passion France Seurre - juniper"
  • LEGS 12cm
  • Region: Burgundy, Loire, Saône & the whole of France
  • Handle of juniper
  • Blade 14C28
  • Made in France
The SEURRE (one speaks of it as the English word "sir") has not been produced for decades. Its origin lies in the dark and one knows of this characterful knife only to report that it was sold in the markets of the city of Seurre. Seurre is located on the Côte d'Or in Burgundy, in the midst of the extensive network of channels that branches across France along the Saône and on which once the bulk of the goods transport of France was handled.
The rivers and canals were once the preferred transport routes for goods of all kinds inland, is now largely forgotten. Barges were dug by humans or animals, nimble boats were sailed or rowed. They were called CHALAND, SAPINE, VERGÉE, ROUENNAISE, and had flat keels with which they could sail around the sandbanks. Especially the sailors on the Loire are said to have been very skilful, often smugglers and therefore feared and hated by the customs officers because they regularly escaped. Some ships were "disposable ships", which were dismantled and sold at the destination, which is why paraphernalia are still found today in Paris, which were built from the frames of those ships. The skippers themselves are said to have been a "robust" human race, often unpredictable, like the rivers on which huge floods with dry seasons changed and sandbanks made progress difficult. Through the river network, the SEARCH reached the shores, from there to the big sailors, from there to the whole world. There is also something special to tell about the distinctive blades of the SEURRE, with its deeply sloping tips that make it a typical maritime knife. It is said that these blades are not only ideal for all work on board, it is also said that once the controversy of the sailors on the ships so prevailed that the authorities abruptly banned knives with high tips on board!
Sometimes there is a hole or a ring at the end of the handle to secure it to the belt with a fishing line.
But not only skippers and fishermen used the SEURRE. Among winemakers and peasants it was common, especially in Burgundy, for they recognized the versatility of the knife and used it in their vineyards, on the farms and fields
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