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Passion France Donjon- Mooreiche

Passion France Donjon- Mooreiche

Das DONJON aus schwarzer Mooreiche mit markanten, profiliertem Bischofsstab-Griff, mit aufschlagfreien Klingen aus SANDVIK 12C27mit Nagelhau und Rückenfase, lange Backen mit korrosionsfreien Platinen. Aus dem Atelier Passion France.
Product information "Passion France Donjon- Mooreiche"
  • Donjon model
  • From the Prestige series
  • Resort type no mouche
  • Sheepfoot-free blade with back bevel Blade
  • length x width x thickness: 79 x 27 x 2.8mm
  • Handle length: 95mm
  • Total length open: 170mm
  • Blade 12C27
  • Handle made of bog oak with steel jaws
  • Handle length 10cm
  • Made in France
The DONJON (one speaks it [dɔ̃.ʒɔ̃]) belongs to the large knife family from Burgundy, which also includes LANGRES, TIRÉ-DROIT, GOUTTIÈRE, TONNEAU, CHARLOIS and SEURRE. All have the same design features and a blade with a clearly sloping tip, which is called an "English blade" or "stylet". They were bought in the markets along the Sâone and Loire and all over Burgundy as far as the Bresse. The DONJON has always appealed to us long before we discovered the SEURRE. With its handle, which was sometimes designed like a bishop's staff, it refers to the village of Donjon am Allier, which gave it its name. With its sheep's foot blade, it shows the blade character of all Burgundy knives, only more clearly. At the same time, the blade shows the typical characteristics of a maritime knife. This suggests that this knife was not only used by townspeople and the rural population, but also on sailing ships and barges that once operated on the numerous rivers and canals of Burgundy and that the main part, one speaks of 80%, of goods transport in the country coped with. There were the same activities to be performed on ropes, sails and wood as on large ships and sailors on the high seas.
So it's a knife from two worlds.
The ARTO® forge in Thiers produced a first edition for PassionFrance®. When it was sold and we wanted to reissue it, we found that its components, the so-called fittings, were no longer manufactured. Together with the blacksmith who had been making the parts of this knife for generations, we were able to initiate a new edition in which we were able to implement some technical and design improvements. Since 2019 the DONJON has been produced again in the Atelier PassionFrance® in Thiers with a profiled bishop's staff handle, with impact-free blades made of SANDVIK 12C27, with nail cut and back bevel. The sinkers and the long jaws are now corrosion-free. As a sign of its traditional roots and authenticity, it bears the PassionFrance® symbol on the blade, the Coq, in addition to its name.
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