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Passion France Laguiole Prestige Horn - blond

Passion France Laguiole Prestige Horn - blond

Petit Laguiole the "little one" is not only a knife for lovers of perfect design, but with its unusually slim and elegant lines it also fits perfectly in the hand. As delicate as it is, its roots are rustic. The Laguiole comes from the rural and rural environment of the Aubrac, a lonely and remote region.
Product information "Passion France Laguiole Prestige Horn - blond"
  • Petit Loguiole
  • Laguiole ARTO
  • Handle length 9cm.
  • Full handle horn blond / geflammt
  • Blade: Yatagan blades 12C27
  • Blade length x width x thickness: 76x12x2.5mm
  • Total length open: 168mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Made in France
ARTO - The brand l'HIPPOCAMPE (seahorse) was registered in 1937 and taken over in 2008 by Cyril Ganivet, who continued the atelier under the name ARTO. Together with PassionFrance®, numerous regional knives have been revived and refined in terms of both quality and form. Without exception, they are created entirely by hand, so they are made by one and the same knife maker from start to finish and do not go through different stations or hands. The models made for the PassionFrance® brand meet higher quality standards than those made in the workshop for other markets. As a sign of their authenticity and quality, they bear the PassionFrance logo, the Coq, on the blade, together with the seahorse, the logo of the cutlery ARTO. The raw materials for the handles are hand-picked. The blades are forged from SANDVIK 12C27.
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