Pike Brothers 1958 Roamer Pant 15oz organic

Pike's new 15oz selvage denim made from organic cotton in a new, subtle look. 1000 times proven cut and the typical Pike Brothers durability.
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Pike Brothers 1958 Roamer Pant 15oz organic

  • 1958 Roamer Pant 
  • 15 ounce raw denim with selvage edge in dark indigo blue 
  • denim woven by the traditional Candiani weaving mill
  • 100% cotton 
  • Straight leg, regular fit with button fly 
  • cotton thread in copper color 
  • Buttons and rivets in antik brass finish 
  • Heavy bar tacking on pockets, belt loops and seam ends 
  • D-ring at watch pocket for your pocket watch chain 


We strongly advise to follow the washing instructions on the leaflet!

Product information

Pike Brothers 1958 Roamer Pant 15oz organic

1958 Roamer Pant Organic

Proven model in a discreet look - Pike Brothers uses the 1000 times proven bestseller to break new ground. The 1958 Roamer Pant has been the tried-and-tested cut on the denim shelf for years, and in combination with the new 15-ounce Selvage Denim by Candiani from Italy, it is clearly visually upgraded. The finer surface and darker denim contrasts perfectly with the darker, copper-coloured yarn. This makes the 1958 Roamer Pant much more elegant and will certainly convince customers who found the conspicuously heavy, golden seams too striking.

The 1958 model itself has been one of our bestsellers for years and has become a classic in our range. The cut has been produced unchanged for many years, which speaks for its quality and acceptance. The model, which is based on a pair of 50s workers' jeans, offers an optimal fit for normal builds. The model has a straight leg, which is neither too wide nor too tight for most customers, with an optimal leg width of 20.5 cm (at a 33 width). The torso height and the leg width are suitable for work, which allows the wearer to bend down easily without the trousers slipping. All workmanship is designed for robustness and all seams are solidly taped. 


15oz Indigo Quality

This strong denim quality from Pike Brothers is a high quality, 15oz RAW denim produced in Turkey, with a real selvage for colour. The unwashed quality has stood the test of time and is extremely durable. Connoisseurs love this denim for the great patina (fade out) that this fabric develops. 

Note: It should be taken into account that the fabric has a natural shrinkage when washed for the first time. This means that the trousers will only shrink approx. 2-3 cm in length during the first few washes. Therefore, please pay attention to the correct length when buying. As the trousers are made from unwashed raw denim, the fabric will stain light-coloured surfaces. Please follow the washing instructions provided.


RAW Denim

For the weaving process it is necessary to smooth and stabilise the cotton fibres so that the weft and warp can form a tight, tight weave. Usually this finish is washed out of the raw fabric before further processing. Unlike RAW denim, where the raw fabric goes straight from the weaving frame to the cutting room, if this finish remains in the fabric, it initially makes the denim stretchy and inflexible. However, this finish also seals the fibres and protects the denim from mechanical wear, as well as dirt. This material is then directly processed into a garment that is also not washed.

In general, it can be said that RAW denim is an honest product, as the characteristic wear marks are not produced by chemical and mechanical "refinements", e.g. the exhausting washings, or even the grinding of the fabric.  This means that RAW denim is also a sensible choice from an ecological point of view, as it is only through daily wear that a unique wear pattern is created that gives the garment its individual touch. 

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