Portuguese Flannel Leinenshirt Camp Collar - Raw

No alternative in summer. The linen shirt for men with casual camp collar.
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Portuguese Flannel Leinenshirt Camp Collar - Raw

  • Shortsleeve linen shirt
  • Camp Collar
  • Airy Comfort Fit
  • 100% Linen
  • Chestpocket
  • Mother of pearl Buttons
  • Made in Portugal

Product information

Portuguese Flannel Leinenshirt Camp Collar - Raw

Camp Collar Linen Shirt 

Casual short-sleeved shirt made of pure linen. Skin-friendly, airy and with a casual camp collar. From the north of Portugal.


The robust fabric is the first choice for high temperatures. With its unique properties, the grainy fabric ensures best wearing comfort on hot days and is alternative-free. Its natural airiness and breathability prevents it from sticking to the skin and provides a cooling effect. The natural fibre also has dirt-repellent, antistatic and antibacterial properties. The characteristic creased look ensures a casual look without appearing unkempt. 

The Camp Collar

The Camp Collar is the epitome of a casual collar, typically seen on Hawaiian and bowling shirts. Completely disconnected and relaxed, it is at home on the beach. Also called a cabana shirt or lounge shirt, the camp collar shirt is a loose, straight-cut, short-sleeved shirt with a button placket and a "camp collar" - a one-piece collar (not a band collar) that can be worn open and spread or closed with a button at the neck. The characteristic element is thus a soft, double notched, one-piece collar sewn directly to the body of the shirt. As a result, the collar lies flat against the shirt.
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