Scott Willis Heavy Duty Belt - Oak

Thoughts on Belts. The belt is a generally overlooked accessory that is very often condemned to lead a shadowy existence in men’s wardrobes. To a certain extent this cruel fate is comprehensible because many belts are just thin and flimsy rags fitted with awfully cheap and rattling die-cast buckles.

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Scott Willis Heavy Duty Belt - Oak

  • Custom-made harness 1/3/4 inch (44mm) leather belt manufactured by Scott Willis in Utah.
  • 16 ounce American bull hide, vegetable tanned and hot stuffed with tallow, oil, and wax. Will develop a beautiful patina with wear.
  • ¼ inch (6.3mm) thick hide, rock solid and super durable.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel roller buckle made from 316 marine grade steel. 
  • Cast and drop forged for superior strength. Hand polished for a lasting finish that will never pit or wear off.
  • Industrial grade stainless steel “Chicago screws” with matching tumbled finish.
  • A belt to last a lifetime!
  • This product is wider, thicker and a lot heavier than your usual belt. Nevertheless it can be worn with any pair of jeans or rugged pants fitted with standard belt loops. Not recommended for chinos or lightweight slacks.
  • A quality leather preserver may permanently darken the shade of the hide. Beeswax based and synthetic formulas are recommended (Elephant Leather Preserver)
  • Available in tan, dark brown, and black
  • Belt length ranging from 85 to 110cm (33 to 43 inches )

Product information

Scott Willis Heavy Duty Belt - Oak

 A lot of belts are manufactured from raw materials that haven’t even seen the inside of a tannery. Those dreadful things can be regarded as the complete antithesis to everything Aeroleather jackets, double stitched Thorogood or Red Wing boots stand for.

That is why we are extremely proud to offer a belt that is - in all aspects - a perfect match to our famous pilot’s jackets and hand stitched work boots. This is not just a random product but an entirely custom made accessory that will become more beautiful with wear. A belt to last a lifetime…even to be handed down!

It was a long and enduring search and we had to refuse a number of quality manufacturers for the sole reason that they weren’t able to offer the materials we were looking for. We came to the conclusion that a really thick and heavy belt made from hot cured and vegetable tanned hide paired with superior hardware wasn’t readily available from any place in Germany or Europe in general.

Instead of taking what would have been accessible we decided not to do things by halves and commissioned Scott Willis a truly skilled craftsman from Springville, Utah to design us a belt from scratch using only the best materials available. The result is a truly breathtaking product. For us the definite belt!

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