Transehe Design Füllfederhalter scrivere steel

This is the greatest fountain pen we have seen in a while. It’s superbly crafted from thick stainless steel and its non-leaking properties make it ideal for the travelling business man who flies a lot.

Product information "Transehe Design Füllfederhalter scrivere steel"

It is small enough to be carried in your inside or breast pocket, yet its weight is quite reassuring. This is “Made in Germany” at its best!


All important details:

  • Solid stainless steel fountain pen, all parts CNC machined
  • Pocket size, ideally suited for travel 
  • Fits into the Scott Willis notebook cover
  • Dual-way center thread
  • Size: closed 11cms, open (with cap screwed to the back) 12.3cms
  • Gold plated nib, made in Germany
  • Nib size: M
  • Standard short cartride system (Pelikan)
  • Weight: 53grms
  • Flight-ready, non-leaking nib (tested for negative air pressure)
  • Well balanced classic design, yet solid and heavy for its size
  • Award winning design
  • Come with brown well-made soft leather pouch
  • Entirely made in Germany


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