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Field Notes The “Autumn Trilogy” Edition

Our Quarterly Editions aren’t necessarily tied thematically to the season in which they’re released, but every few years we feel compelled to head back into the woods for Autumn. “Mackinaw Autumn” (2009) and “Shenandoah” (2015) were beloved editions that made great use of the warm colors of fall foliage, but it felt like time to try a different twist.
At a glance, Field Notes’ Fall 2019 “Autumn Trilogy” edition seems perfectly simple, but the subtly debossed leaves and embossed logo are the result of a very complicated process. First, we selected three beautiful cover papers from Mohawk’s Via line: “Warm Red,” “Safety Yellow,” and “Scarlet,” all with a vellum finish. These roughly approximate the Fall leaf colors of the North American Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum), the American Elm (Ulmus americana), and the Scarlet Oak (Quercus coccinea).
Using photographs for reference, we carefully traced the shape, contours and vein patterns of each leaf into a scaleable vector file, then created  a “lock-up” of each cover layout with our logo and cover text. A sculptor at our diemaker converted the flat vector files into a three-dimensional computer model to evaluate the tolerances for embossing and debossing, and to simulate how the covers would look under various lighting conditions before the expensive and time-consuming process of physical diemaking began.
After reworking the files a bit, a master die was carved in precise detail into a brass plate on a CNC-machine, a ten-hour process for each design. Each master die was then painstakingly polished and inspected, and imperfections were cleaned up by hand.When the masters were finished, “counters” were made by pressing the master into hot resin. The counter and master were then used to make the duplicates that were necessary to stamp the artwork on multiple locations on the press sheet.



While the dies were being made, we ordered some tests to determine the ink/varnish balance to best bring out the subtleties of the 3-D shapes. Too much of a tint would overwhelm the virtually “blind” emboss that we were after. Once we got on press, we found our tested balance was too strong, so our pressman suggested using the varnish without a tint. He was right, it was perfect. Pressmen know their stuff! After a few tweaks to the dies (and biting our nails during the ensuing 10-hour waits) the varnish-printed cover stock was delivered to the embosser, the dies were carefully aligned to the varnished areas, and the sheets were stamped.

Product information "Field Notes The “Autumn Trilogy” Edition"
  • Proudly printed by the good people of eDOC Communications, Mount Prospect, Ill.
  • Cover: Mohawk Via 80#C vellum “Warm Red,” “Safety Yellow,” and “Scarlet” with a tinted varnish and embossing by Nu Wave Die Cutting & Finishing, Chicago, Ill. using sculpted dies from E.C. Schultz and Co., Elk Grove Village, Ill.
  • Innards: Finch Paper Fine Ultra Smooth 70#T “Soft White,” with a fine, 2-color application of “Double Knee Duck Canvas and “Warm Red,” “Safety Yellow,” or “Scarlet” soy-based Toyo inks.
  • Cover printed on a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 40" 6-color printing press.
  • Bound with a Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 270 5-pocket saddle stitcher with cover feeder/scorer & Rima RS 10S in-line stacker, with appreciation to Samuel Slocum, George W. McGill, and William J. Brown, the “Founding Fathers of the Staple.”
  • Corners precisely rounded to a 3/8" (9.5mm) radius with a Challenge DCM double round-corner machine.
  • Ruled lines: 1/4" (6.4mm).
  • Memo book dimensions are 3-1/2" × 5-1/2" (89mm × 140mm).
  • FIELD NOTES uses only the Futura typeface family (Paul Renner, 1927) in its materials.
  • All FIELD NOTES memo books are printed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
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Specifications "Field Notes The “Autumn Trilogy” Edition"
01. Stolz gedruckt von den guten Leuten von eDOC Communications, Mount Prospect, Ill.

02. Titelbild: Mohawk Via 80 # C Pergament „Warm Red“, „Safety Yellow“ und „Scarlet“ mit getöntem Lack und Prägung von Nu Wave Die Cutting & Finishing, Chicago, IL. Elk Grove Village, Ill.

03. Innereien: Finch Paper Fine Ultra Smooth 70 # T „Soft White“ mit einer feinen zweifarbigen Anwendung von „Double Knee Duck Canvas“ und „Warm Red“, „Safety Yellow“ oder „Scarlet“ Toyo-Tinten auf Sojabasis.

04. Cover gedruckt auf einer Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 40 "6-Farben-Druckmaschine.

05. Gebunden mit einem Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 270 5-Pocket-Sattelhefter mit Cover Feeder / Scorer und Rima RS 10S Inline-Stapler, mit Dank an Samuel Slocum, George W. McGill und William J. Brown, die „Gründerväter der Heftklammer“ . ”

06. Ecken mit einer Challenge DCM-Doppelrundenmaschine präzise auf einen Radius von 9,5 mm (3/8 ") abgerundet.

07. Linierte Linien: 6,4 mm (1/4 ").

08. Die Abmessungen des Notizbuchs betragen 89 mm × 140 mm (3-1 / 2 "× 5-1 / 2").

09. FIELD NOTES verwendet in seinen Materialien nur die Futura-Schriftfamilie (Paul Renner, 1927).

10. Alle FIELD NOTES-Notizbücher werden in den USA gedruckt und hergestellt.
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