Hestra Primaloft Rib Deerskin - chocolate brown

Soft, warm deerksin glove with a knitted cuff. Pre curved fit and a Primaloft Isolation.

Hestra Primaloft Rib Deerskin - chocolate brown
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Hestra Primaloft Rib Deerskin - chocolate brown


Product information

Hestra Primaloft Rib Deerskin - chocolate brown

  • 5-Finger Glove
  • Deerskin White tailed deer from North America gives a supple and isolating leather with a beautiful grain texture.
  • Primaloft isolation. A soft, down-like polyester that is both warm, breathable and water resistant.
  • ELASTIC Helps the glove to stay in place and protects against cold air.
  • HALF PIQUÉ The leather is overlapped on the backhand and sewn with one millimeter seam allowance.
  • The palm has inseam which gives the glove a neat look.

Deerskin - North American White Tailed

Like peccary leather, deerskin is soft, supple and warm with a beautiful grain texture.
Each pair of deerskin gloves is always cut out from the same piece of leather by a skilled cutter with many years of experience. There is no coincidence that deerskin is a popular material for gloves as it tends to just get softer and more supple with age and wear. Deerskin is strong, but the grain is porous and therefore a bit sensitive.


To maintain your deerskin gloves as long as possible they need a day’s rest between wearings. Damp material wears out quicker than when dry and therefore we advice you to alternate with your other favourite gloves. Avoid rain for as long as possible and if your gloves do become wet, they can be dried flat at room temperature. Stretch them gently afterwards against the edge of a table.
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