Frost River Flight Bag Duffle Small - tan

Aaah... the beauty of pure function! Nothing fancy here, just a simple waxed canvas bag with high quality leather, solid brass hardware and room to neatly pack or stuff everything in, depending on your time frame and type of getaway. The bag comes in a variety of sizes and comes with a shoulder strap so you always have it with you.
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Frost River Flight Bag Duffle Small - tan

  • 12in H x 18in W x 10in D, approx. 35L
  • 3.0lbs
  • Closure: spiral zipper with 2 drawstrings.
  • Shoulder strap: 2 inch cotton webbing, adjustable slider, carabiner.
  • Hands: Rolled leather.
  • Bottom: Double layer canvas with leather reinforced corners.
  • Materials: 18 oz. waxed canvas, high quality leather, solid brass hardware, cotton webbing and cotton shoulder strap

Product information

Frost River Flight Bag Duffle Small - tan

Flight Bag Duffle Small - tan 

Rugged Simplicity. If you want to keep weight, cost and hassle to a minimum, check out Flight Bags. Leather handles provide reliability, a double layer of waxed canvas on the bottom protects against abrasion, leather protects the corners and adds class.  The Large Flight Bag really is large, it will stow a lot of gear. All flight bags feature a mesh shoulder strap with solid brass hardware. The strap attachment points are reinforced with leather and located on opposite sides of the generous zipper opening. This arrangement provides a balanced and shoulderable load.

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A company that outlasts nature and the test of time. At Frost River, the craft has been an outdoor tradition for more than 250 years. Some people inherit the money. The people behind Frost River were fortunate to inherit a legacy. That legacy has been passed down through generations of craftsmen, trappers, miners and manufacturers of yesteryear. Today, Frost River continues the tradition of true craftsmanship, hard work and quality materials to produce reliable products for the modern explorer. Combining modern methods with the knowledge and experience of their ancestors - the character-building qualities of camping in deep forests, paddling through pouring rain, navigating drifting snow, and hiking rock-strewn portages - Frost River has managed to preserve a legacy in the form of practical, high-quality products that are good for people and the environment. Almost every day they create something new to keep them afloat - just like their ancestors - right here in America.