Merz b. Schwanen 1950's Longsleeve -Shirt - forest

Longsleeve from Merz B. Swans made of 100% organic cotton. Made in Germany.
Merz b. Schwanen 1950's Longsleeve -Shirt - forest
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Merz b. Schwanen 1950's Longsleeve -Shirt - forest

  • slim yet casual
  • classic round neckline
  • open sleeve hem
  • straight hemline
  • best wearing comfort: stitch-knitted and therefore no side seams
  • 2 - 3 cm extra length (depending on size), because the textile shrinks in length during the first wash.
  • Please consider at your 1st fitting: Our GOOD ORIGINALS are not pre-washed and therefore shrink in the first wash.
  • ribbed neckline
  • maximum comfort due to triangular insert under the arm
  • best skin compatibility by renouncement of chemical finishing  
  • made in Germany
  • 1-thread material
  • natural fabric 
  • fully recyclable 
  • 155g (5.5oz)  

Product information

Merz b. Schwanen 1950's Longsleeve -Shirt - forest

Good Originals

You don't have to be Marlon Brando to look good - just wear this classic t-shirt!
We find that true classics convince through their good 'simplicity' - as long as they are made of the best material, a sense for thoughtful details and with honest passion. Features that not only make up our classic short sleeve t-shirt, but also the long sleeve shirt of the same name. With the same casual fit of the original, the long sleeves ensure a cool look even in colder temperatures. So this crew neck shirt is also a reliable and timeless textile for all the good moments. Lightweight comfortable 1-thread count fabric is suitable for every moment. Pure organic cotton feels pleasant on the skin.

Prima Baumwoll Qualitäten

For a pleasantly light skin feeling, the 1-thread, as well as 2-thread quality comes without any chemical pre-treatment and is made of 100% organic cotton kbA.

Loopwheeler Technik

Circular knitting machines, also called loopwheelers, were developed over 100 years ago. They date from the time when Germany's textile industry excelled in quality and innovation. Circular knitting machines deliver knitted fabrics that differ significantly from normal jersey fabrics in look and feel, but also in durability and shape retention. A distinctive feature is that the shirts have no side seams, which makes them special. Producing the long-lasting fabrics is a laborious and slow process and that is exactly the reason why this method is a specialty nowadays. The last specialists are located in the Swabian Alb, which has always been known as a stronghold of textile production.
Just as old mechanical typewriters create a unique typeface on paper through small irregularities in the punctuation, the circular knitting machines, with their more than 1000 needles arranged in a circle, create an individual image in the knitted fabric through small tolerances, which is the characteristic feature of these loopwheeler garments. The elaborate production process means that only the best yarn qualities made of organic cotton, wool and viscose are used. The qualities do without chemical additives, such as industrial pre-washing. This makes each piece an environmentally friendly textile made of natural materials, which are gentle to the skin. To make the Spirit tangible right out of the box, the Good Originals come in an authentic small batch cardboard box with corner clips and separate note about the history.
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