Horsehair cream brush round - black

The applicator brush for dark shoe polishes. Pure horsehair. Made in Germany.
Horsehair cream brush round - black
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Horsehair cream brush round - black

  • Cream brush 15cm 
  • 100% horsehair black
  • wooden body rounded 
  • 150x51mm
  • brown lacquered

Product information

Horsehair cream brush round - black

Horsehair Cream Brush 

Our round cream brush with style is made in Germany with pure horsehair. The optimal round head allows the brush to evenly apply and massage in shoe cream.
Initially, the cream brush is wetted with shoe polish. Then the brush is moved in circular motions over the shoe and in this way the cream is massaged into the leather. The shoe cream is applied thinly and evenly to the leather. Due to the flexibility of the bristles, the brush applies the cream even in all seams, grooves and ornaments. After the cream is applied, the cream is left on the shoe for a few minutes and allowed to dry, and then the shoe is polished with the shine brush.

Advantage of cream brushes with horse hair:
Cream brushes with horse hair store the shoe cream and release it back to the leather. Due to its natural texture, the hair has a rough surface that generates heat during the circular creaming motion, allowing the cream to take on an optimal consistency and better penetrate the leather pores. When the creaming is finished, the horsehair - due to its elasticity - resumes its original position without splashing cream. The horse hair also stands out for its noble appearance.

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