Right of cancellation

Your statutory right of cancellation is governed by the relevant legislative provisions. Please take note of our notice of the right of cancellation displayed on the order confirmation and invoice as well as on our web site

Private customers? right of cancellation

(Consumers within the meaning of Paragraph 13 of the German Civil Code)

Notice of the cancellation right

Where your order has been placed and/or contract entered into using some form of distance communication (by letter, fax, telephone, e-mail, internet etc), the following will apply:

Cancellation right

You may cancel your acceptance of the contract in writing (e.g. by letter, fax or e-mail) within 14days without specifying the reasons for cancellation or, where the goods are delivered to you prior to the expiry of that period, by returning the item. The month?s time limit commences upon arrival of the goods and receipt of the written notice of the cancellation right. For the purposes of the cancellation period it is sufficient that either the cancellation is sent promptly in writing (by e-mail, fax, letter etc.) or that the item is promptly returned. Notice of cancellation or the return of the goods should be addressed to:

Wolf Continental GmbH
Kölnerstr. 24a
41812 Erkelenz

Where the cancellation right is excluded

The cancellation right does not arise in the case of distance contracts for the delivery of goods which have been manufactured to clients? specifications or tailored specifically to individual requirements.

Consequences of cancellation

Where cancellation is effective both parties are to be returned to their original position and any benefits derived must be surrendered. If you are unable, either in full or in part, to return the goods received or are only able to return them in worse condition you are obliged to pay an appropriate amount of compensation. This does not apply to the surrender of items where the damage to the item?s condition is solely due to the testing of the same ? as you might have been able to do at a retail outlet. You may otherwise avoid the obligation to pay compensation for impairment of the goods resulting from having begun to use them in accordance with their purpose by refraining from using the item as if it belonged to you or from doing anything which might affect its value. Goods which are capable of shipping by postal package must be returned to us, at our risk and cost. Goods which are not capable of shipping by postal package will be collected from your location. Obligations to make payments must be satisfied within 30 days? time. The period begins to run for you at such time as you dispatch your notice of cancellation or the goods, for us it begins to run at such time as we receive your notice or the goods.

This ends the notice of the cancellation right.