Saint James Meridien Moderne marine/ecru

The striped shirts appeared among seafarers at the beginning of the 19th century. Both fishermen and seamen on merchant ships wore it as work clothes. In 1858 the navy standardized the clothing of sailors and regulated the exact number and width of the stripes.

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Saint James Meridien Moderne marine/ecru

  • striped nautical shirt
  • straight fit
  • heavy weight cotton 100%
  • Made in France
Size hint: makes a one size at machine- wash




Product information

Saint James Meridien Moderne marine/ecru

​According to the decree, it had to be 20 mm wide and at least 21 white stripes. The blue stripes must be 10 mm wide and 20-21 mm. The sleeves must have 15 white and 25 or 15 blue stripes. Red, yellow, or green contrast stripes were also used.
The striped shirts have not only established themselves in the French navy. Also in Russia and the USA, striped shirts were or are an essential part of the uniform of sailors.