Gloverall Duffle Coat Monty - Camel

Named after the iconic wartime commander Field Marshal Montgomery, the Montgomery Duffle Coat has established itself as a classic British design.

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Gloverall Duffle Coat Monty - Camel

  • This jacket is based on the original wartime spec Duffle Coat
  • Made from warm, durable and hard wearing boiled wool (90% wool, 10% polyamide)
  • Two big front pockets, top entry
  • Hidden leg straps with button closure
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • The definite Duffle 
  • Made in England

Product information

Gloverall Duffle Coat Monty - Camel

The Monty

The Monty Duffle Coat, named after the iconic Field Marshal Montgomery, has established itself with its classic, British design. First and foremost, the original War Time Duffle Coat was purely utilitarian, warm, sturdy wool coat that was easy to produce in large quantities. With its roomy width, this model of Duffle Coat in particular fit over multiple layers of clothing, and with its handy toggle closures and large pockets, it was easy to use even with gloves on. Originally made from rather shaggy British Wool, the current Monty model is made from a high quality Italian wool blend and has a cotton herringbone interior. Distinctive features are the typical wooden toggles with the cords made of jute. The fit of the Monty Duffle Coat would be stated as Relax Fit, making wool coat ideal for layering, clothing layers in the onion principle, which makes it very versatile. A timeless classic, for over 80 years always appears on the scene, or never disappear. That's what you call timeless.

Gloverall - Made in England 

The interesting history of Glvoerall starts in 1951, when the two "Gloves & Overalls" wholesalers Harold and Freda of H&F Morris, sold old remnants of military duffle coats to leisure and outdoor stores. The proven, robust duffle coats enjoyed such a high demand that it was decided to produce these duffle coats under the name Gloverall and to add further models for the civilian market. Gloverall thus established a former military coat with minor upgrades in detail and made it a classic. In addition to the finer, more fashionable models, the legendary Monty continues to be carried in the range. 
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